Service & Consulting

Our advice is your valuable asset.

CPRD Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd is a psychological consultancy practice specializing in the field of psychomotor and psychometric assessments, research, profiling and training.

At CPRD we not only produce high-class psychological products: we also provide a wide range of services to complement the CPRD product portfolio.

Our consultancy covers everything from technical support to the integration of scientific know how: we take account of your particular requirements and enable you to get the very best from your hardware and software.

Our staff is skilled in every aspect of computer-based psychological assessment. Our experts are on-site at our premises and can effectively respond to your wishes as a CPRD customer.

Our consultancy services in brief

Information and training 

  • Free services: Contact us for demo versions and presentations
  • Customized solutions: Contact us for seminars, workshops and webinars tailored to your needs
  • Contact us for updates and service contracts

Psychological consulting

  • We advise on assessment issues and criteria
  • We describe opportunities for using tests in organizations and the resulting benefits
  • We advise on assessment selection
  • Matching and selection criteria
  • Creating customized tests
  • Integrating other instruments
  • Profiling 

We advise on use and evaluation 

  • Training in assessment use
  • Ranking
  • Creating customized reports
  • Conducting group or individual assessments 

We advise on intervention and training programs 

  • CogniPlus
  • Suggestions for personnel development measures and training 

We advise on evaluation 

  • Drawing up customer-specific norms
  • Designing and conducting validation studies
  • Fine-tuning/optimizing the process

Technical support 

  • Free service
  • Help with installation issues
  • Hardware trouble-shooting and repair