About Us

CPRD is a psychological consultancy practice specializing in the field of psychomotor assessments.


CPRD has been involved in psychomotor assessments, psychometric assessments and research since 1995 and we pride ourselves in delivering work with integrity and of high ethical standards. Work is done on site 24/7 or at CPRD offices in Centurion to ensure that the process causes as little as possible disruption to the daily operations.

CPRD is committed to ongoing research and development in the field of psychomotor profiling. The assessment instruments administered by CPRD meet the legal requirements for the correct and ethical conduct of psychological assessments. These include instruments to be fair to different cultures, scientifically researched, applicable to South African conditions and comparative with South African norms and standards.

SCHUHFRIED is an internationally oriented company providing products and services in the fields of psychological assessment and CPRD is one of SCHUHFRIED’S most successful distribution partners. More than 16 years of experience in distributing and working with the Vienna Test System enables CPRD to provide excellent support and consulting to our clients.


We will consistently raise levels of social well-being and productivity in our selected markets by providing products and services that systematically address the balance of technical, behavioural, and life management skills in an integrated and positive manner.


Our employees will continuously encourage all stakeholders to contribute to significant improvements in personal, organisational and national performance levels. Our scientific approach to incorporating responsible care factors in all training and operational procedures will allow our clients to be recognised as role-models who make a measurable contribution to social stability and sustainable economic growth.

We will achieve our objective to develop highly skilled and motivated employees by:

  • Sharing our values, professional expertise and insight;
  • Providing reliable and scientifically based interventions; and
  • Carrying out all activities with enthusiasm; commitment and integrity.