About the CogniPlus

There are excellent programs available that have been developed specifically to improve certain psychomotor abilities and these programs are closely aligned to those dimensions identified by the VTS. However, this is a lengthy and time-consuming process and seldom maintained by clients. The chances of improvement in specifically older and experienced candidates are slim, but their existing performance levels can at least be maintained and their risk levels managed in the longer term.  These programs do however yield good results if used as prescribed for each individual based on the individual needs and weaknesses.

One such program that is closely designed to address weaknesses and needs identified by the VTS/Dover test dimensions is the CogniPlus (CPS) designed and developed by SCHUHFRIED.  The training programs of the CPS are based on the dimensions assessed by the VTS; the programs have practical content applicable to the mining industry.

CogniPlus and the Vienna Test System: They go together!

The assessment tools of the Vienna Test System and the training procedures of CogniPlus are coordinated. The training programs are based on the same theoretical models as the assessments to which they correspond in the VTS; this provides an efficient and theoretically sound link between assessment/training and the subsequent analysis of effectiveness.

The corresponding assessment tools and training programs are based on the same theoretically clearly defined constructs but involve different tasks. This enables a reliable distinction to be made between the material-specific learning effect and the material-independent training effect which is being aimed at.

Each Cogniplus training program is specifically tailored to the deficits tested by the Vienna Test System.

With little assistance, candidates can schedule their own training sessions and can continuously improve their abilities as and when the need arises. One can never overdo training sessions on the CPS and the more a person does the training program, the better his abilities will become or the more consistent they will remain.