Areas of Application

The correlation between our assessments and actual performance exceeds 90 % – this is a result of aligning the assessment tools to the requirement of operations and skill sets.  CPRD Consulting has set the standard in terms of pioneering work in Africa by introducing the Vienna Test System.  We have aligned this internationally used assessment method with the Sub-Saharan environment and work force.


Construction & Production

Psychometric and psychomotor assessments can be implemented for all positions on mines, namely artisans, technicians, operators, drivers, working on heights, etc.  CPRD currently has a global operator norm group of 20 000 and have separate norms for gold, platinum, coal, diamond mines, etc.  Our report format can be adapted to each clients’ individual need. Tests are non-verbal for illiterate candidates and therefore no level of literacy is required and no discrimination takes place.

Many blue chip customers only permit employment and site access if such CPRD assessments have been completed which is testament to the results we achieve.


transport-roadsTranport: Road

Although CPRD provides assessment services and profiling across most fields of application, it specializes in the field of Transport Psychology, assisting companies in the recruitment, assessment, training and placements of candidates since 1989.  CPRD assists companies with the design of traffic safety programs, Risk analysis of fleets and drivers to determine root causes of accidents etc. CPRD was selected as the service provider for the assessment of Bus Drivers for the 2010 soccer world cup.

transport railTransport: Rail

Train drivers must have appropriate physical and psychological fitness to ensure that overall operational and safety standards are met. To determine the fitness of train drivers, periodic medical and psychological examinations are necessary.  As a worldwide market leader for computer-assisted psychological assessment of Train Drivers, CPRD offers services to perform assessments and consultation by use of tests that are scientifically proven and constantly updated. Assessments are designed to meet the highest psychometric standards.

CPRD will help you to find the best train drivers, ensuring effectiveness for a wide range of psychology-related applications.

transport aviation picTranport: Aviation

Psychomotor performance refers to a person’s ability to perceive information from the environment, to process the perceived information (mentally or cognitively) and to act correctly after processing the information by using one’s limbs.  Flying an aircraft consists of the same process and an assessment of someone’s psychomotor abilities, gives a valid indication of someone’s performance or potential performance to fly an aircraft.  In both civil and military aviation psychology tests are used to cover the testing of pilots, applicants for pilot training and air traffic control staff.

neuroclinicalNeuro & Clinical

CPRD provides expert testimony to law firms specializing in motor vehicle accidents and related (3rd party) claims in court. A psychomotor assessment of the claimant is completed and is used by legal firms to substantiate such claims.  To date CPRD’s expert testimony has been accepted without dispute by the courts in 100% of the cases in which the Company has been asked to testify.  CPRD has also provided psychomotor assessments to various medical practitioners, therapists and training companies.


sport picSport

The Vienna Test System SPORT is the version of the Vienna Test System (VTS) specially adapted for use in sport psychology assessment. The psychometrically valid tool for profile analysis, talent assessment and planning of training gives athletes a clear picture of their sport psychology profile – in terms of both skills and personality. It is used all over the world by elite athletes, sports clubs, sport academies and research institutes.

education picEducation

Assessment tools measure aspects such as general intelligence, aptitude, personality, interests, values, etc. CPRD can provide feedback on possible career choices that clients may be interested in.